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Landlords and Letting Agents

We are specialists in the rented property sector and offer our Landlords and Letting Agents:

     Single inspections and testing of Gas Safety; Electrical
     Appliances (PAT); Electrical Installation - Routine Inspection
     and report and full Electrical Installation Condition Report;
     Legionella Risk Assessments (LRA) and Energy Performance
     Certificates (EPC).

     Combined inspections for gas, electric, Legionella and energy
     performance.  One inspection engineer to carry out gas and
     electrical safety inspections and, if required, energy
     performance certificates.
     This feature of the service reduces time spent by
     yourselves, and tenants in organising and arranging

               One call - One appointment - One visit.

     Appliance servicing - gas fires, boilers, and water heaters
     which are not regularly serviced are a common source of
     leaks and Carbon Monoxide.  Regular servicing protects your
     tenants, protects appliances, extends their life, and will
     make them run more economically and efficiently.

     Reminders when inspections or servicing are due

     Property inspection, testing, and service management.  For
     Landlords with larger portfolios, and Letting Agencies, we
     offer to manage all inspections, testing, and servicing to
     ensure you are able to focus elsewhere with peace of
     mind.  We can either remind you in advance and arrange for
     the work to be carried out, or if appropriate contact your
     tenants directly.

Why do you need an electrical safety inspection?

By law you are required to ensure your electric appliances and systems are safe.  There is a requirement for Landlords and Letting Agents to take adequate steps to protect the users of their appliances from both electric shock and fire hazard.  If you don’t have them inspected how will you know if they are safe?  Any defence is likely to fail under “due diligence” if there was a reasonable step that could have been taken but was not.

Electrical fires in the home occur at a rate of 2,200/year in the UK.  It could happen to one of your properties.  While it is highly likely you are insured, will your insurance cover an un-inspected property? Who will cover your insurance excess?  Who will cover the lost rent while the property is being returned to habitable condition.  Will it be investigated?  Almost certainly, and could you show that the electrical installation and appliances were safe?  How would you deal with injuries, or worse, to your tenants? 

If it were inspected for electrical safety it would reduce the risk of a fire.  It would also show you had acted positively towards the safety of your property and tenants  

The number of electric shocks in the home is substantial, however the number of deaths or serious injuries from these shocks is small.  This disproportionately small number is not by accident.  It is by design, due largely to the UK electrical regulations.  These go a long way to minimise the risk of death or serious injury from an electrical shock or fire.  However this is only true if the equipment and installation are compatible with accepted electrical safety standards.  Are yours?

Having an inspection would reduce the risk and help ensure any possible problems were likely to be minimised, whether from injury, damage to property, or exposure to prosecution. 

Why do you need a gas safety inspection?

As a Landlord or Letting Agent that will be obvious, it a legal requirement.  It is not a misdemeanour - it is a criminal offence not to have your properties checked annually for gas safety.   

Apart from the legal requirement, consider that every year in the UK around 30 people die from faulty gas appliances.  Only a small percentage of these die from explosions, the vast majority die from the invisible killer, Carbon Monoxide.  You can’t see it, you can’t smell it, but only a very small amount is needed to cause death.

                 Advice from the Health and Safety Executive

Why do you need Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)?

As from 4th January 2009 EPCs are required when properties are sold or are rented out to new tenants. Once completed an EPC is valid for 10 years.

Our Current Charges for Letting Agents and Landlords: 
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