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Gas Safety Inspection

How much does it cost?
A Gas Safety Inspection is normally £55* (+£10 per open flue or chimney if applicable), volume discount rates are available to Letting Agencies; this includes up to three appliances, which covers nearly all domestic properties.  Additional appliances are charged at £15 per appliance.  As we are already at the premises, discounts on other services or inspections can be obtained if they are carried out at the same time as a gas safety inspection.  See our Price List page for details.

What do we do during a gas safety inspection?
In general terms we assess your installation and appliances for dangers, both present and potential.  This largely involves checking the gas pipework is not leaking, checking appliances have been installed and are operating safely, and checking flues and ventilation are adequate and are operating effectively.

What are we looking for?
Primarily, danger to life or property, or conditions where appliances or installations could deteriorate.  We do this by standard checks, tests, and comparing against the gas regulations, British Standards, and manufacturer’s instructions.

What will your record of inspection include?
Most installations and appliances are declared as safe, but most will also have some fault(s) noted.  This is often because regulations and standards have been (and most likely will continue to be) revised upwards since it was installed.

These faults fall into three categories; Not to Current Standard; At Risk; and Immediately Dangerous.

Not To Current Standard – The gas appliance or installation is not installed in accordance with current installation practise.  It is safe, but it is up to us to advise you on whether you should bring it up to standard.  (This is a larger subject – follow this link if you would like to read more on this).  As it is safe, you would receive certification stating this.

At Risk – These are fairly serious faults with the potential to become dangerous.   An example given by Gas Safe is the use of plastic or hose pipe instead of the appropriate materials for the gas pipework.  These faults would attract a notification of an unsafe installation, and a warning notice.

Immediately Dangerous – Fairly self explanatory, something is dangerous.  An example could be a gas leak.  These faults would also attract a notification of an unsafe installation, and a warning notice.

How Do I Arrange An Inspection?
Give us a call, on 0141 571 2142, or email us.  We can often organise the inspection directly with your tenants, saving you time making repeat phone calls to co-ordinate a time to suit both parties.

If you need more information, or would like to arrange for any of our services, please contact us.

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